3rd ICELIS-Trabzon 1 2023


by Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI  Rector of Karadeniz Technical University

Dear Scientists, 

Karadeniz Technical University is a globally recognized university with a rich history of 68 years, competent academic staff, and a pioneering and innovative approach. Since 1955, it has provided education at high standards that produce over 250,000 graduates who compete successfully with their contemporaries. Many other universities have been established under its umbrella, and its expert staff have contributed to various places for educational purposes. As of today, our university has 33,000 students enrolled in 81 undergraduate and 35 associate degree programs in 12 faculties, 1 school, and 8 vocational schools. It also offers graduate education in 85 master's and 55 doctoral programs in 6 graduate schools. In addition, Karadeniz Technical University embodies globally accredited disciplines and quality-focused research centers in various fields. It continues to keep pace with the contemporary scientific world, continuously improving itself with innovations and scientific activities. As an example, our university has successfully completed its journey of establishment that began in 1955 and solidified its strong position within the higher education system as a "Research University" during the 2021-2022 academic year. In line with this title, Karadeniz Technical University, with its accumulated knowledge from the past and a rich staff, organizes many scientific activities and hosts numerous meetings. 

Scientific conferences, one of the most important means for disseminating scientific research, also enable scientists to experience different cultures and environments and foster interaction among scientists. In this context, the 3rd International Congress on Engineering and Life Science with the theme "ForesTR: The Balance of The Life: Carbon" has been hosted by our university this year. As a member of the KTU family, I would like to express that we are pleased to host many scientists presenting papers on such a crucial topic within the field of science. 

Hereby, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the scientists who contributed to the organization of the congress, the invited speakers, all the scientists who participated either in person or online, partner universities, and sponsor companies on behalf of myself and our university. 

Kind Regards 

Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI 

Rector of Karadeniz Technical University 

Honorary Chair