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Dear Researchers,

In recent years, humanity has faced many global problems. Especially the Pandemic process, which affected all geographies in the world and brought a new dimension to all habits from production to supply along with all the losses experienced, and the war that followed brought along great problems.

History has shown that humanity always prioritizes health care and access to food in tough times. Likewise, today, with the effects of the Covid-19 global epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine war; Concerns about the disruption of access to food are gradually increasing due to the inadequacies and disconnections that may arise in the agri-food chain, the inevitable low income experienced by those working in these sectors, and the rapid price fluctuations caused by the changes in food demand and supply. This situation further increases the importance of agricultural production and those working in agriculture. These global issues bring along not only the problems of agricultural production but also the destruction of nature.

These negative developments in the whole life cycle draw attention to researchers working in this direction. Scientists and researchers carry out important studies to reduce the effects, to reveal the magnitude of the effects, and to rehabilitate the destructions of these events that are on the world agenda.

For this reason, we wanted to draw attention to the effects of pandemic and war on agriculture and nature by organizing our 4th congress with the theme of “Life in the Grip of Pandemic and War: Agriculture and Nature” this year.

The congress, in which papers in English, Russian, and Turkish will be accepted, will be available to virtual and physical attendance.

With the hope to meet in Comrat city of Moldova on 17-19 November 2023…

Prof. Dr. Serghei ZAHARIA

Honorary Chair – Rector




Full text proceedings presented in the congress will be given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) number and will be published in the congress book. However, authors who would like to publish their work in a journal can submit their full texts to journals below. The papers will be considered for publication in these journals free of charge after editorial evaluation and peer-review process.